Maribeth Crews


The Crown Club is a way to promote community and charity to the young impressionable girls of our members. Our objective is to enforce the importance of volunteering in the community; to develop leadership skills and character that these girls will be able to carry on to high school/college; to prepare for good citizenship; and to demonstrate concern for others. The Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland Crown Club shall be an affiliate of the Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland and its policies shall be in harmony with the policies of the Cleveland Junior Auxiliary.

The following are requirements these girls must possess to be eligible for Crown Club:

  • Must be in grades 5-8.
  • Must reside “locally” (close enough that it is no problem to attend monthly events).
  • Must be a daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter, or step granddaughter of a life, associate, active, or provisional Junior Auxiliary member.
  • Must complete the application process, which will take place on a yearly basis.
  • Must possess a positive attitude and a willingness to work.

All girls who return the application will automatically be accepted into the Cleveland Junior Auxiliary Crown Club. Those who fail to return the application will NOT be considered a member of the Crown Club. **Please note: Only those that complete the application process and fulfill the requirements will be eligible to participate on the 6th grade Children’s Benefit Ball Court.

Once the child is accepted as a member of the Cleveland JA Crown Club, the following requirements must be met during the JA calendar year (May-April):

  • Members must attend 4 project or activities in the JA calendar year (May-April).
  • Members must have a positive attitude and be willing to work.
  • Members who fail to uphold their duties will be released from the Cleveland Crown Club.


Activities that are typically done yearly are as follows:

Crown Club members and JA members asked for and received donations and school supplies from Wal-Mart patrons to donate to JAM students.
Crown Club members had a Christmas party where the enjoyed snacks, swapped gifts, and wrapped Christmas gifts that were given to JAM students.
Crown Club members delivered goodies to corporate sponsors during JA week in April.
Crown Club members donated slightly used or new books to Nailor Elementary school and they watched a movie based on a popular children’s book.
Crown Club members brought items to donate to the Serenity Animal Sanctuary and went and helped feed and take care of the animals one afternoon.
Crown Club members brought canned food and goods that were donated to Helping Hands. They also stuffed bags that were given to children participating in the Octoberfest Children’s Fun Run.
Members had a party where they enjoyed snacks, exchanged gifts, and wrapped gifts for mentor students.
Members kept JA members children during the mandatory education meeting at the expo building during CBB week.
Members assisted with a scavenger hunt at Crosstie Arts Festival.
Members filled snack bags to be used in the concession stand and volunteered to work at the concession stand at the swim meet.

Other activities that have been done in the past are “Movie Night” (donating books to Bell Elem.), helping at the Animal Shelter, collecting canned good for Helping Hands, collecting toys for Blair Batson hospital, assisting DAC working in the concession stand, and working at Crosstie.

Other projects for Crown Club may include volunteering at St. Gabriel Mercy Center in Mound Bayou, participating in Bowling Buddies with the CSD mentor students, an etiquette class and a mother/daughter tea. Crown Club members may also assist in other JA projects where needed. These projects are evaluated and decided on each year. New projects may be done and old ones dropped yearly as voted on by the Crown Club committee.

Member participation is voluntary and will be requested as needed.